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Collective Intelligence Monitor

Virus activity recorded by Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence servers.

Panda's Collective Intelligence servers have analyzed  viruses and known goodware. Panda Cloud Antivirus connects to Collective Intelligence in real time. On this page you can see the new viruses that are being analyzed in real-time by Collective Intelligence as well as the viruses that Panda Cloud Antivirus is most frequently detecting on users' computers.

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Latest malware identified

File Malware Detected in At
N/A Zedo Argentina 04:09:49
N/A PointRoll Argentina 04:09:49
N/A WebtrendsLive Argentina 04:09:49
N/A Conficker.C Brazil 04:09:50
N/A Advertising Argentina 04:09:51
N/A Doubleclick Argentina 04:09:51
N/A Casalemedia Argentina 04:09:52
N/A Adtech United States 04:09:53
N/A Serving-sys Argentina 04:09:53
N/A Genetic.gen Spain 04:09:56

Most active viruses (the last week)

Malware Computers infected
Genetic.gen 611.989
Doubleclick 308.816
Serving-sys 158.829
Conduit 117.934
WebSearch 113.359
Casalemedia 110.259
Smartadserver 96.564
Advertising 85.716
Adtech 81.119
 new files (at
2:00:00 PM GMT+1)

Yesterday:0 new files