What is Collective Intelligence?

Collective Intelligence is an automatic malware detection and disinfection system that feeds off the knowledge shared by our millions of users. Through it, the computers that are part of the community instantly share and benefit from all the malware information stored and constantly updated in the cloud.


Do you want effective, real-time protection that won’t impact your computer? Join our community and protect your online world!


The Collective Intelligence approach has been piloted by millions of users of 's free products since 2007, allowing to collect ten times the number of malware samples that traditional antivirus vendors collect.


is the first security vendor that has the technology, the infrastructure, the knowledge and the experience to apply the Collective Intelligence approach to its commercially available products. Based on Collective Intelligence, offers maximum protection with minimal performance impact.



The Collective Intelligence approach not only detects much more malware than the manual detection-based systems that other laboratories use, but it can also detect unknown threats. Combining Collective Intelligence and TruPrevent technologies, is able to detect even the most sophisticated malware.



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