This feature prevents viruses that exploit the Windows autorun feature that automatically executes multimedia files in removable (CD, DVD or USB) drives.


How to enable the USB protection on your computer


  1. Click the USB Vaccine section in the product's main window.

  2. Set the switch to ON.

You can also access this feature by clicking the icon in the main window and selecting Settings/ USB Vaccine.


How to vaccinate a USB device

  1. Insert the USB device into your computer and click the icon.

  2. After the USB device is detected, click Vaccinate drive.


How to automatically vaccinate every USB device that you insert into the computer

You can automatically vaccinate every USB drive that you connect to the PC. This way, vaccinated USB devices will be safe when you connect them to any other computer, even though this might not be vaccinated.


Simply set the relevant switch to ON.


Note: Bear in mind that, if you vaccinate a USB device, it will not be possible to re-enable the device's autoplay feature after vaccination. It is therefore an irreversible action.

What is the difference between vaccinating a computer and vaccinating a USB device?

Once you install on your PC, it will be vaccinated, preventing any USB devices connected to it from running automatically, regardless of whether those devices are vaccinated or not. This will prevent certain types of threats from spreading.


However, by vaccinating the USB devices that you connect to your PC you will prevent them from becoming infected when connecting them to computers that are not vaccinated.


For detailed information on the vaccination feature included in , click here.